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Case P22/2019

In the matter of Jerrod James Conomy

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Lower Court Judgment

20/03/2019 High Court of Australia (Keane and Edelman JJ)

[2019] HCA Trans 049


Order made 20/3/19 that applicant be prohibited from instituting any further proceedings in the High Court relating to the convictions the subject of Conomy v Maden [2016] WASCA 30 and Conomy v Maden [2016] WASCA 31 - whether error - whether substantial miscarriage of justice

Short particulars


23/04/2019 Notice of appeal

23/04/2019 Summons seeking an extension of time to file Notice of appeal and other orders

21/05/2019 Chronology (Appellant)

22/05/2019 Hearing (Single Justice, Melbourne)

11/06/2019 Written submissions (Applicant)

03/07/2019 Hearing (Single Justice, Melbourne v/link Perth)

10/07/2019 Proposed amended written submissions (Applicant)

06/08/2019 Written submissions (Attorney-General of the Commonwealth as amicus curiae)

14/08/2019 Reply

05/09/2019 Hearing (Full Court, Canberra) (includes pronouncement of orders and publication of reasons)

16/10/2019 Publication of reasons