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Case A5/2020

The Queen v. Abdirahman-Khalif

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Lower Court Judgment

31/10/2019 Supreme Court of South Australia (Kourakis CJ, Kelly and Parker JJ)

[2019] SASCFC 133


Criminal law – Terrorism – Where respondent charged with offence of membership of terrorist organisation contrary to s 102.3(1) of Criminal Code (Cth) – Where respondent convicted at trial – Where respondent successfully appealed against conviction – Whether prosecution must adduce evidence of terrorist organisation’s admission practices in order to prove that accused person has taken steps to become member of that organisation – Whether majority of CCA erred in construing “organisation” for purposes of Div 102 of Criminal Code (Cth).

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20/03/2020 Hearing (SLA, Canberra v/link Adelaide)

03/04/2020 Notice of appeal

13/05/2020 Amended Written submissions (Appellant)

08/05/2020 Chronology (Appellant)

05/06/2020 Written submissions (Respondent)

26/06/2020 Reply

25/08/2020 Hearing (Single Justice, Melbourne)

28/08/2020 Hearing (Single Justice, Melbourne)

03/09/2020 Hearing (Full Court, Canberra)

03/09/2020 Outline of oral argument (Appellant)

03/09/2020 Outline of oral argument (Respondent)

14/10/2020 Judgment (Judgment summary)