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Case A4/2020

Deguisa  & Anor v. Lynn  & Ors

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05/09/2019 Supreme Court of South Australia (Kourakis CJ, Peek and Hughes JJ)

[2019] SASCFC 107


Real property – Torrens title – Restrictive covenants – Where appellants registered proprietors of Lot 3 and have planning development approval to demolish house on Lot 3, subdivide lot, and build two single story dwellings – Where respondents executors of estate of Mrs Fielder who was party to original Memorandum of Encumbrance containing restrictive covenants subject of proceedings – Where third respondent owns two properties near Lot 3 – Where respondents contended that Lot 3 and 53 other lots were created from earlier subdivision and sold in accordance with building scheme such that restrictive covenants are enforceable to prevent appellants from developing Lot 3 as they wish to – Whether there exists “governing principle” to effect that what is “notified” to prospective purchaser by vendor’s certificate of title is everything that would have come to their knowledge if prudent conveyancer had made such searches as ought reasonably to have been made based on what appears on certificate of title – Whether approach taken by majority of Full Court of Supreme Court of South Australia in decision under appeal to ascertaining whether subsequent purchaser of Torrens system land is bound by restrictive covenant conflicts with approach taken in Burke v Yurilla (1991) 56 SASR 382 – Whether purchaser of land under Torrens system obliged to search other titles for evidence of land being subject of building scheme if note is made on encumbrance form that the “encumbrance forms portion of a common building scheme” but where land or lots involved in building scheme not indicated.

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20/03/2020 Hearing (SLA, Canberra v/link Adelaide)

03/04/2020 Notice of appeal

08/05/2020 Chronology (Appellants)

11/05/2020 Amended written submissions (Appellants)

11/06/2020 Written submissions (Respondents)

02/07/2020 Reply

02/09/2020 Hearing (Full Court, Canberra)

02/09/2020 Outline of oral argument (Appellants)

02/09/2020 Outline of oral argument (Respondents)

04/11/2020 Judgment (Judgment summary)