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Case S181/2012

Westfield Management Limited as trustee for the Westart Trust v. AMP Capital Property Nominees Limited as Nominee of Unisuper limited in its capacity as trustee of the complying superannuation fund known as Unisuper and Anor

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Lower Court Judgment

14/12/2011 Supreme Court of New South Wales (Court of Appeal)(Giles JA, Campbell JA, Meagher JA)

[2011] NSWCA 386


Corporations - managed investment scheme - appeal from final injunction restraining unitholder in registered management investment scheme from voting for an extraordinary resolution to direct the winding up of the scheme pursuant to s.601NB of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) - contracts - construction and interpretation - "intent and effect" of provisions.

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22/06/2012 Hearing (SLA, Sydney)

06/07/2012 Notice of appeal

27/07/2012 Written submissions (Appellant)

27/07/2012 Chronology (Appellant)

17/08/2012 Written submissions (Respondents)

31/08/2012 Reply

06/09/2012 Hearing (Full Court, Canberra)

05/12/2012 Judgment  (Judgment summary)