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Case M28/2013

Pantazis v. The Queen and Anor

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Lower Court Judgment

30/07/2012 Supreme Court of Victoria (Court of Appeal) (Warren CJ, Redlich J, Hansen J, Osborn J, Curtain J)

[2012] VSCA 160


Criminal law – Sentencing – Most appropriate offence – Liang & Li principle – Maximum penalty for the offence of attempting to pervert the course of justice at common law is prescribed by section 320 of the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic) at 25 years imprisonment – Under section 43 of the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) maximum penalty at relevant time was five years imprisonment – Whether Court of Appeal erred in failing to have regard to the lighter sentence.


15/03/2013 Hearing (SLA, Melbourne)

28/03/2013 Notice of appeal

08/04/2013 Submitting appearance (Second Respondent)

19/04/2013 Written submissions (Appellants)

19/04/2013 Chronology (Appellant)

09/05/2013 Written submissions (First Respondent)

28/05/2013 Notice of Discontinuance