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Case S44/2013

Reeves v. The Queen

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Lower Court Judgment

21/02/2013 Supreme Court of New South Wales (Court of Criminal Appeal) (Bathurst CJ, Hall J, R A Hulme J)

[2013] NSWCCA 34


Criminal law – Surgical procedure – Informed consent – Appellant conducted a “simple vulvectomy” on a patient – Surgery unnecessary and appellant later convicted of grievous bodily harm with intent – Whether a surgeon must inform a patient of the “nature and extent” of an operation or simply the “nature” of the operation in order to meet the standard of informed consent – Whether Court of Appeal erred in relying on the proviso in s 6(1) of the Criminal Appeal Act 1912 (NSW)

Short Particulars


21/03/2013 Application for special leave to appeal

07/06/2013 Hearing (SLA, Sydney)

12/07/2013 Written submissions (Applicant)

12/07/2013 Chronology (Applicant)

02/08/2013 Written submissions (Respondent)

16/08/2013 Reply

29/10/2013 Hearing (Full Court, Canberra) (Audio-visual recording)

18/12/2013 Judgment  (Judgment summary)