2023 Judgment Summaries


15 March 2023

For Judgment:

Self Care IP Holdings Pty Ltd & Anor v Allergan Australia Pty Ltd & Anor [2023] HCA 8 (PDF) (DOCX

For publication of reasons:

Barnett v Secretary, Department of Communities and Justice [2023] HCA 7 (PDF) (DOCX)

8 March 2023

For Judgment:

Laundy Hotels (Quarry) Pty Limited v Dyco Hotels Pty Limited atf the Parras Family Trust & Ors [2023] HCA 6 (PDF) (DOCX)

Mitchell v The King; Rigney v The King; Carver v The King; Tenhoopen v The King [2023] HCA 5 (PDF) (DOCX)


15 Februrary 2023

For Judgment:

Unions NSW & Ors v. State of New South Wales [2023] HCA 4 (PDF) (DOCX

For publication of reasons:

Stanley v. Director of Public Prosecutions (NSW) & Anor [2023] HCA 3 (PDF) (DOCX

8 February 2023

For Judgment:

Bryant & Ors v Badenoch Integrated Logging Pty Ltd [2023] HCA 2 (PDF) (DOCX)

Metal Manufacturers Pty Ltd v Gavin Morton as Liquidator of MJ Woodman Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd (in Liquidation) & Anor [2023] HCA 1 (PDF) (DOCX)