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Judgment Delivery Notification

The Judgment Delivery Notification list provides advance notice of judgments scheduled to be handed down.

New Books

New Books is a list of new titles added each month to the High Court of Australia Library. It is compiled in the first week of the next month (except January) and is not cumulative. The December-January issue is a double issue.

Case Summaries/Short Particulars

Case Summaries (or Short Particulars) provide background information on cases listed for hearing by the Court.

Judgment Summaries

The Judgment Summaries list provides notification of judgments handed down including a brief overview of the decisions reached by the Court. These summaries are available shortly after the judgment has been handed down in Court.

HCA Bulletin

The High Court Bulletin is compiled approximately once a month, from February to December after each Court sitting and contains (at the date of each issue) cases handed down, cases reserved, original jurisdiction, special leave granted, cases not proceeding or vacated and special leave refused.

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